About us

“Everything started in 1959: our father Federico bought the estate of Tiriolo with those amazing centuries-old olive trees and invested everything he owned to build a stone mill. Every day after school, Pino and I ran to the mill with our dad and stayed there until evening. Even now that deep and low sound mixed with the sweet fragrance of the olives comfort and cuddle us. We literally grew up in this company, in the shade of these trees that we have always loved and respected.”

Tommaso Torchia

During these 60 years, also our company grew up in every respect:
– it advanced in terms of technology and innovation;
– it increased its dimension and the number of trees;
– the number of partners increased;
– we received awards for quality and sustainability;
– the symbiosis with our clients strengthened.

We believe in the quality of raw material.

The health of the fruit is our top priority.

All the activities – the care of plants, the pruning, the organic treatment of the soil – aim for quality instead of quantity.

Our organic Italian extra virgin olive oil is healthy, intact, unaltered and pure.

Fruits are harvested at the right time and pressed immediately. Every phase of the processing is aim to safeguard all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the fruits.

We believe in the respect of nature and its rhythm.

We are daily committed to protecting and safeguarding the health of the olive trees and the olives. We handle every phase of the processing of the fruits and we manage to guarantee food safety and the highest emotional charge.

We cultivate olive trees that have more than 500 years of history and roots anchored in our land, but every year we plant new trees in order that they will become centuries-old olive trees for those who will take care of this land in the future.

We believe in ethics and openness, in work and relationships.

We can say with pride that the replacement of our employees is zero.

Beside a human working relationship, what binds us together is sharing of ideas, mutual respect and passion for a hard but very comforting work.

We believe in our cultural roots and the love for Calabria – the land of two seas that hosts our steps and our work and that generously returns us the outcome of our respect.

Excellent olives that are full of life and sun and give the green and fruity sensations of a unique and precious extra virgin olive oil.


We preside over the entire production chain of our organic Italian extra virgin olive oil. We deal with:
– all the phases of soil cultivation and plant care;
– every step of harvest, transportation and storage of olives;
– the activities of pressing, extraction and packaging;
– sale all over Italy and the world.


Our idea of respect and sustainability affects also our lives.
The energy needs of our company is largely self-produced thanks to recent investments in renewable energy sources:
– photovoltaic panels are used to produce electricity;
– leftovers of pruning and olive kernels are used for heating.