Sensory experiences

The history of the Italian extra virgin olive oil is unique and unbelievable: it has been part of the Italian and Mediterranean culture of food since ever – every family has at least a bottle of oil at home and it is sold everywhere. You can buy it at the little shop close to home, online, at the market, in supermarkets, from purchasing groups, at gourmet shops, directly from the producer, from a friend…

Even if it seems like a familiar and well-known product, still people who buy extra virgin olive oil often do not know it.


We believe that educating people to the tasting of extra virgin olive oil is a travel that changes forever the perception of this product. Our mission is to guarantee everybody’s education for free!

Our Blog is an important source of information and insights.
Our Glossary is a practical guide to understand the meaning of the terms related to the universe of the olive oil. It is simple and always available.
Our Gallery is a glimpse of our everyday life as farmers, producers and consumers of oil.

Our education to extra virgin olive oil is concentrated precisely on the experiential dimension. Indeed, we are convinced that the fragrances, the taste and the texture of the oil can be impressed in the mind and the history of each of us only through the experimentation and the personal and guided tasting.


Our olive oil mill opens every week for those visitors who want to meet us and learn the secrets and the hidden sensations of the extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting sessions, sensory experiences and taste workshops for adults.

Events, taste and didactic workshops for children and students.