The Estate

“Olive tree is cultivated throughout Calabria. Besides a considerable part of the agricultural economy, oil production is a cultural tradition all the population is fond of.


Our organic Italian extra virgin olive oil is 100% Calabrian and a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI Oil of Calabria). All the production phases – from olive cultivation to extraction and packaging of the oil – are fully realised within our territory.”

Giuseppe Torchia

Our business is located in Tiriolo, on the Northern hills of Catanzaro, close to the Sila mountain ranges at 690 meters above sea level. The mild weather and the sun of the Mediterranean sea are the perfect habitat for olive trees in all seasons.

We cultivate olive trees that belong to 3 cultivars, namely 3 different species of olives.
– Carolea: a native species, it is a balanced and delicate cultivar and the most widespread in our company. Its habitat is precisely the area of Catanzaro;
– Coratina: it is intense, fruity and typically spicy due to the high concentration of polyphenols;
– Nocellara: it is big and full-bodied. It has intense and full-bodied fragrance and taste.

We run our company according to the principles of the production of the organic agriculture (without synthetic products): we practice grassing, minimise soil tillage and its depth and safeguard biodiversity in every form. The land is fertilized with an organic fertiliser. Wild herbs and pruning residues are cut and left on the field in order to enrich the soil with organic substance and reduce water loss from the soil. Irrigation is not provided. We only use products that are admitted by the principles of the organic agriculture to monitor diseases and parasites.

Our Company has had the Slow Food Presidium for the Italian extra virgin olive oil since 2017.

The Slow Food Presidium is a recognition directly given by the Slow Food Foundation for the Biodiversity which evaluates and certifies some characteristics of the plants – native, endangered – and the cultivation practices – environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

Our Carolea olive groves are recognised as national Presidium of the Italian extra virgin olive oil because these cultivars are ancient and native. They are treated without synthetic fertilisers and chemical herbicides because our processings on the field follow good agronomic practices that avoid erosion and landslides.

We pick the olives by hands or with mechanisms that help their fall. We do not use any other automated tool.