We are grateful to all those who, time and again, give us valuable feedback on our extra virgin, and we are always thrilled when we receive appreciation from the leading experts in the field.

Over the years we have received so many awards, some of the highest level, and each time it is always an incredible satisfaction.

Here below, the most important national and international awardsthat we have recently won.

Ercole Olivario National Competition, italian most prestigious and coveted award

Dedicated to extravirgin olive oil excellence, it is an award that enhances the image of our Italian evo oil in both a national and international context.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti ercole olivario

Our extra virgin olive oil is:

  1st place in the Medium Fruity category in 2019
  Ranked 2nd in the Medium Fruity category in 2020
  Finalist in 2017, 2018, 2021

Biol Award: the most important international award on organic extra virgin olive oil

The Award for the World’s Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most important international events in the entire extra virgin olive oil sector in terms of number of participants (olive producers), number of countries involved, number of experts.

And our extra virgin is EXTRA GOLD MEDAL 2022.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti biol

THREE leaves in Gambero Rosso’s Oli d’Italia Guide

Our extra virgin received 3 leaves on Gambero Rosso’s “Oli d’Italia” guide.

The Guide awards extra virgin olive oils taking into account:

–  the quality and Italian origin of the olives

 the absence of defects

 the organoleptic evaluation.

The Three Leaves identify the highest recognizable value to an extra virgin oil.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti gambero rosso tre foglie

Great Slow Oil in Slow food’s guide to extra virgin olive oils

As in 2020, in 2021, in 2022 our organic extra virgin oil received the award as Great Slow Oil, an award that Slow Food gives to extra virgin oils that have distinguished themselves for particular merits from an organoleptic point of view, because they well reflect the territory and its cultivars, and because they are obtained with sustainable agronomic practices.

A true honor for our extra virgin.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti Slow food

Maestrod’olio CROWN in “10 Years of Terred’Olio”

Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta is an event that celebrates Italian extra virgin olive oil with a competition in which Italian excellence is honored.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil (in 2021 and, again, in 2022) received the coveted CROWN directly from Fausto Borella, founder of the Association and the Academy, who told us these words: “The fruit of your work has truly moved me and deserves the Maestrod’olio Crown in “10 years of Terred’Olio,” the Academy’s highest award.”

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti corona 2022

EVO International Olive Oil Contest®.

Only producers who can guarantee the traceability and origin of the products submitted participate in the EVO IooC. The contest is counted among the top five international competitions dedicated to extra virgin olive oil.

Our Extra Virgin is GOLD MEDAL 2022.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti EVO IOOC

Montiferru Contest

The Montiferru competition, after the Ercole Olivario, is the most important Italian competition for extra virgin olive oils.

Oils are evaluated according to a precise sensory map that serves to trace the sensations evoked by the oil by distinguishing:

– olfactory sensations

– and then gustatory and tactile.

Particularly rewarded are: 

– the intensity of perception of the fruity scent of olive

– the sensations of bitterness and spiciness

– the range of green perceptions (herbaceous, leaf, thistle, artichoke, official herbs and flowers) and fruity (apple, tomato, almond, ripe fruit).

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti montiferru

Sol d’oro olive oil competition: awards the world’s best extra virgin olive oils

Sol d’Oro is an olive oil competition organized by Veronafieresince 2002, with the aim of highlighting the best territorial extra virgin oils from all producing countries and promoting them throughout Europe. 

Our Extra Virgin is Special Mention 2022.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti sol d'oro

AMSTERDAM International Olive Oil Competition

Golden Medal at AIOOC, a competition between oils from all the Mediterranean Sea. Our organic extravergine was awarded GOLD medal because of its high sensorial and emotional charge

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti AIOOC

FOUR drops of oil in the Bibenda guide

The 4 Drops are a recognition given to those companies that aim for high quality, achieved first of all in the field and then through the careful study of transformation processes.

Oleificio Torchia premi e riconoscimenti bibenda