Organic extra virgin olive oil 500 ml / 100 ml

Monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil

Cultivar: 100% Carolea
Origin: Calabria, Catanzaro, Italy
Palate: medium fruity
Harvest: manual/assisted
Extraction: cold continuous cycle
Description: extraordinary medium fruity oil with persistent sensations. This Carolea is pleasant and never too intense – that is why it is perfect both for experts and beginners of the world of high quality extra virgin olive oil.
Tasting notes: this oil has a bright green colour with yellow highlights. Its fragrance has a balsamic character with an aroma of rocket and nettle. Its taste evokes green and herbaceous fragrances, in particular those of almond and apple.
Best with: this oil is ideal for red meat, soup of legumes and complex dishes with contrasting and complementary flavours.