Extra virgin olive oil – CALABRIA I.G.P. 500 ML / 100 ML

Extra virgin olive oil


Cultivar: 90% Carolea, other 10%
Origin: Calabria, Catanzaro, Italy
Palate: medium fruity
Harvest: manual/assisted
Extraction: cold continuous cycle

Description: this extra virgin olive oil has a balanced olfactory and gustatory profile. Thanks to these characteristics, this oil belongs to the medium fruity category and it perfectly represents the calabrian character of its olives – generous, open and intense.

Tasting notes: this oil is transparent and it has an intense nice golden-yellow colour with thin green highlights. Its fragrance is wide and embracing and it emanates fruity aromas of green grass and
white apple that perfectly match with its complex and elegant taste: a well-balanced bitter and spicy flavour.

Best with: this oil is perfect with warm dishes that emphasise its range of fragrances. However, it is also appropriate to be tasted raw on vegetables, fish and meat of any kind.